Schedule a Pickup

Pickups of donations are free – thank you for supporting WINS!

To ensure that your pick-up goes as quickly and smoothly as possible, we ask that you have your items ready for us:

      • All clothing and housewares bagged or boxed
      • Beds dismantled (with smaller pieces such as nuts, bolts and legs bagged or taped together so they don’t get lost)
      • Mirrors removed from dressers (with smaller pieces bagged or taped together)
      • Items grouped on the main floor of your home if you will be there to greet us
      • Items neatly grouped on your driveway if you will not be home. Please cover your items so that they won’t be damaged by bad weather.

If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a pickup over the phone please call us at 403-252-3826.

To schedule a free pickup, please begin filling out the Donation Details on the form below.