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Sweater Mittens – A Winter DIY

Sweater Mittens – A Winter DIY

This is currently my favourite DIY… I’m rocking a couple different pairs of sweater mittens right now 🙂  It appears a daunting DIY at first, but trust me, once you sew up a pair you’ll be pulling sweaters off of strangers in the street and running home to make more mittens 😉 or you could just checkout WINS and pickup some great knit sweaters at great prices – and you’ll be helping out a great cause at the same time!… AND you’ll be reloving the used into something new!… these mittens make great gifts and are super easy to coordinate to your friends and families outerwear, personalities and favourite colours!… Let the sweater hunt being!

Version 2

To make sweater mittens you will need the following items:





Sewing Machine / Needle and thread

Sewing Pins

Sweater Mittens01

To get started turning your sweater into a pair of mittens we need to make a pattern of our hand (or the hands of the person that we’re making the mittens for)… if you want to keep the gift a surprise trace your friend’s hand exactly or have them photocopy their hand for you!… Then trace around the hand shape in a larger mitten shape, leaving space between hand and edge of mitten shape because your hand needs some room in there AND we need some seam allowance for sewing the mitten together! and be sure to make the wrist even a little bit larger to make sure hands can fit into the mittens! 🙂

Sweater Mittens02

Once the mitten shape has been traced cut it out!  We only need one of these patterns…

Sweater Mittens03

Now prepare the sweater that you will be cutting up! – I found a great selection of second hand sweaters at WINS for great prices!… When I got my sweaters home I put everything in the washer and then dryer and then turned the sweater inside out… matched up the bottom hem and smoothed it out flat…

Sweater Mittens04

Once your sweater is laid out with a nice flat area lay on the pattern with the wrist lined up with the bottom of the sweater… the hem on the sweater will become the cuff of your mitten!… if the sweater has a long hem you could extend the mitten pattern down to accommodate the extra fabric that you could then fold up into a nice cuff!

Sweater Mittens05

Once you’re happy with the mitten position on the sweater you have to trace the pattern onto the sweater with your marker!… don’t worry – the sweater is inside out so you are marking on the inside… and we still have to cut it out and sew the mitten together… the marker will not be viewable if there is some that didn’t get cut away…

Sweater Mittens06

Cut out your mitten!… work slowly as you’ll be cutting through two layers of the sweater to make each mitten

Sweater Mittens07

Once the mittens have been cut out pin around each mitten to hold the two layers of sweater together… this will help keep them from slipping apart while you are sewing

Sweater Mittens08

Once you’re all pinned you can hand sew or machine sew around the mitten… don’t forget to backstitch at the beginning and end to ensure the stitches don’t come loose!…

Sweater Mittens09

I chose to machine sew my mittens as it was a little quicker than I would have been hand sewing!… I’m impatient and I wanted them right meow! Once you’ve sewn around be sure to remove all of the pins!

Sweater Mittens10

Trim off any excess seam that may get bulky inside and then turn your mittens right side out… then of course take it for a test spin!.. you just worked hard at making the mitten… its time to test the fit!

Sweater Mittens12

It fit!… I was so excited that I ran downstairs to show my Pickle… he responded with “woah!… how did you make a mitten so fast!?” then I shared the reloved sweater trick!… I didn’t knit these… I sewed them together!

Sweater Mittens13

Do a little celebratory dance… then its time to get back to work… we’ve got a second mitten to make!  The second mitten goes just like the first… make sure the sweater is inside out with the bottom hem lined up.  Trace the mitten pattern on with a marker…

Sweater Mittens14

…cut out the mittens two sides together at once…

Sweater Mittens15

…pin the two sides together…

Sweater Mittens16

…sew around… remove pins… snip strings… turn right side out…

Sweater Mittens17

…tie with a ribbon and add one of these darling free gift tag printable from Cynthia Frenette……and the mittens are ready to be gifted!

Gift Mittens - 1

I can’t wait to see the mittens that you make… what knits and sweater patterns you turn into some handmade mittens!  Please come and share some photos of your mittens in progress and of your final pairs of mittens over at the Feathering My Nest Facebook page!

mittens - 3

Gift Mittens - 3

Don’t forget to download Cynthia Frenette’s free gift tag printable for the most darling gift tags around… print them out, paint them, embellish them however you please and use them on your gifts this holiday season!… then please come to the Feathering My Nest and Cyntha Frenette’s Facebook pages to share some shots of your tags in use!… Can’t wait to see how you dress up yours!… and be sure to come on back to Feathering My Nest for more how to’s!

mittens - 2



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