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How To Make A Chalkboard

How to make a Chalkboard

on nearly anything!

Here is another fun DIY project from Kerri at Savage Chic.  Learn how to make chalkboards out of a variety of treasures sourced at WINS Thrift Stores.

Chalkboards and chalk walls have become very trendy and popular for the home.  You’ll find chalkboards in the kitchen for lists and menus; on family collage walls, or as decorative accessories. But don’t feel limited to making chalkboards out of obvious items like picture frames or mirrors.  For this example I have selected a silver platter and a globe.


What you will need:

An item to paint
Paint (Chalkboard paint, or your favourite brand of chalk paint)
painter’s tape
paint brush


In the example of the silver platters, I have used “Graphite” Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan.  Chalk paint differs from the chalkboard paint you can buy in the hardware store, as it is mainly used for painting furniture, but it works really well in this application.  As an added bonus Chalk Paint is available to purchase in small quantities and comes in a variety of colours. For the globe example, I selected “Aubusson Blue” Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan.

3    3b

To start, make sure your item is clean of grit or oils so the paint will readily adhere to the surface, otherwise you may experience a separation of the paint.  Tape off edges if applicable. Apply the paint to the desired area.  Apply three or four coats, allowing each coat to dry in between recoating.  Remove any taped areas after completing the third coat.

Once the final coat is dry, the item will need 24 hours to cure.  A warmer room is better – I work in my basement studio, so I brought the items upstairs to cure on my kitchen table.

After cure time, your chalkboard is ready to use!  You will first need to “season” the surface before inscribing messages.  Turn your piece of chalk on its side and rub the chalk into the fresh paint.  Brush off chalk dust.  This process ensures that your first written message on the freshly painted surface will not be permanent.


4b - Copy

You can wipe of your messages with a dry cloth or a damp sponge.  If you use the damp sponge, a bit of paint residue will be removed the first few times, but the surface will be fine.


Consider making chalkboard surfaces out of a variety of items sourced right at WINS.  Ideas include:

  • the base of wine glasses so guests can inscribe their name (when washing, rinse goblet only, not stem)
  • picture frames (paint right over the “art” and paint the frame a new colour!)
  • mirrors, both framed and vanity mirrors
  • Doors of cabinetry
  • the exterior of ceramic bowls
  • A clock face

Chalk this one up to EASY and AFFORDABLE!






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