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Celebrating Women!

Celebrating Women!

Today, as we collectively celebrate International Women’s Day, we share an opportunity to reflect on the social, economic and educational status for women, world wide. We also have the opportunity to do our part to make changes on a local level.

Melinda Gates, states,“A woman with a voice, is by definition, a strong woman.” Her position as a philanthropist, and wife of Bill Gates, allows for her voice to be heard and quoted, but we do not need the social positioning or power she has, to make a difference for women, today and every day.

We all have a voice. We can speak out in our own homes, in our communities and in our personal relationships.  While today focuses on the international status of women, we can contribute to change by speaking out, here and now. Report gender discrimination, report abuse, reach out to women who you feel may not have the courage to speak out. Teach your children to respect each other, boys and girls. Be a an example, be a mentor, be a champion for yourself and all women by being yourself, fully and without fear.

We not only have a voice, but we can be a catalyst for change. Speak up today. Reach out to women. Thank those who have made the way easier for us. Encourage those who hesitate to realize their potential.

Today is not only an international celebration, but a celebration of each of us. So, know your worth. Know you are important. Know you are strong. Know we are here to support and guide each other as we continue to move forward on realizing women’s rights on an international level and right here at home.

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