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How A Mt. Royal Student Is Making An Impact In Our Community

How a Mt. Royal Student is making an Impact in our Community

Kate Berezowski is a Mount Royal University Social Work Diploma student who is completing her practicum with WINS. 

During her time with WINS, she had the opportunity to provide support at the Calgary Housing Company (CHC) Christmas Party for residents of Bridgeland Place, on behalf of WINS. The event inspired her to write about it as one of her assignments for her Community Development course and we wanted to share her experience with the WINS community:

“I had the wonderful opportunity to provide support, facilitation and WINS representation at the CHC Christmas Party (Bridgeland Place). It was an excellent event that brought together the community at Bridgeland Place for a family friendly holiday celebration. The event had games and activities for children, a band, door prizes and Indian food for dinner. The event was staffed with volunteers from a few different agencies: CHC, The Mustard Seed, City of Calgary, Men in Kilts and WINS. To me, this event strongly demonstrated Asset Based Community Development (ABCD). The assets of the community were leveraged through the food served, hosting the event in the environment in which the residents live, the languages being spoken and the collaboration of agencies that worked together to plan and execute the event. It was a unique event that served vulnerable populations and was embraced by the community as demonstrated by the turnout of over 100 guests. This event was meaningful to me, as it felt as if I was being welcomed into an intimate part of the resident’s lives. It was special to see them relax, connect with other residents at the party and interact with support workers in a context which likely isn’t the norm. This was a celebration instead of a meeting with a social worker to access support. It really opened my eyes to the power of how simply bringing people together in an inclusive atmosphere can build resilience in a community.” – Kate Berezowski


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