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Gaining New Skills Through Our Retail Ready Program

Gaining new skills through our Retail Ready Program

Our goal at WINS is to help women and their families help themselves. As you may have read about, in 2019 we launched a new program called Retail Ready. The six-week program provides the skills, experience and confidence for participants to build a career for themselves. Focusing on preparing participants for roles in the retail industry, they not only attain technical skills, but also the soft skills that are vital to confidently building a career in retail. Read on to learn about the many benefits of the Retail industry!

People Skills – Working in a retail environment gives employees an opportunity to learn about different personality styles and ways to connect with people. Through Retail Ready, participants work on their language skills, and also learn how to effectively and efficiently communicate with others, by asking questions and listening to customers’ needs and wants. This skill is easily transferable, and many employers are thrilled when they recognize a person has past retail experience. It proves the candidate is able to confidently interact with others, be adaptable and can be counted on as a team player. 

Problem-solving Skills- In the retail industry, we’re often told that the customer is always right. Taking this saying to heart as an employee can sometimes feel like a challenge! In many retail environments, staff may be faced with situations where they have to think on their feet, find solutions and ensure that every customer feels supported. Learning problem solving skills and knowing how to apply them not only creates more confidence as an employee, but can also be leveraged when interacting with family members or in social circles. 

A Strong Work Ethic- Working in retail provides an opportunity to showcase a strong work ethic and positive attitude. No matter how the day unfolds, it’s important to provide customers with the best possible experience when they walk through the door. Employees may need to handle multiple tasks at once, such as helping one or a few individuals with fittings, organizing sections of a store or using a cash register. Working in this kind of dynamic environment allows employees to expand their skill set and achieve great things in the future!

If you or anyone you know is interested in enrolling in the Retail Ready Program, learn more by clicking here



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