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Winning Work Environment
Customer Service

Whether in our stores, our Community Programs or on-line, we strive to make every customer and client feel special by creating a service experience where everyone wins. We’re all about relationships and believe our customers are welcome guests in our home. That’s why we focus on making – everyone who walks through our doors – a friend for life.


We care about our community and our neighbours, our partnerships and the environment, that’s why the decisions we make put the wellbeing and sustainability of our community first. Every action we take revolves around strengthening the resilience and capacity of women and families living in poverty.


Dignity and respect are the pillars upon which WINS was built. Through our actions, our purpose and mission we provide our neighbours and employees with access to the determinants of health that improve wellbeing allowing people to live inclusive lives as full participants in society.


As a top recommended Charity Intelligence organization we value our reputation and honour our commitments. We know that integrity, ethical business practices and financial transparency are critical to our partners, donors, customers and clients. That’s why we communicate our performance, accomplishments and challenges through multiple communication channels and welcome your feedback.


As a local social enterprise we take our responsibility to community and partners seriously. Being responsive to the needs of those we serve requires us to align our day-to-day decisions with the needs of our community. As excellent collaborators, we respond quickly to new and emerging needs in Calgary allocating our resources to areas of greatest impact.


We nurture and cultivate a collaborative and rewarding environment by encouraging open communications and common values. We set lofty goals and work hard to achieve them but we also work just as hard to celebrate the accomplishment of our goals. We do this by building trusted relationships where ideas are shared, feedback is welcomed, efforts are recognized and friendships are cultivated.

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