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Client Goal Management

When life gets tough, having a solid plan in place can help move you forward. We can help you make a plan and stick to it, supporting you to get where you would like to go.

With Client Goal Management, our FRC team will support you in achieving your goals. Through one-on-one appointments, facilitators with help you to identify your strengths and create a plan to succeed on your own timeline.

If you are interested, please call the Family Resource Centre nearest to you for an appointment.

Afreen’s Story

Afreen was born in India and moved to Calgary at a young age. In high school Afreen found the environment challenging and she had difficulties with her studies due to family and peer pressure. In an attempt to address her frustrations, she embarked on a relationship with a young man as an escape route. This eventually led her to drop out of school and shortly thereafter she got pregnant. Not long after her son was born, Afreen’s relationship turned into a nightmare filled with abuse. She made the courageous decision to leave the relationship for the safety of her son.

The reality of life dawned on her when she was faced with all her responsibilities –  paying bills, providing for herself and her son with no child support, no job, no high school diploma, depressed, and totally lost in direction. Overwhelmed and scared, Afreen was directed by a friend to WINS Family Resource Centre and there she narrated her story amidst tears and an emotional breakdown.

The facilitators at WINS helped Afreen identify her priorities and set out achievable goals. Afreen`s dream has always been to own her own spa, and the first step to achieve this dream was to enroll in an esthetic program. The WINS facilitators directed Afreen to available resources to reduce the impact of her bills and to find and pay for daycare for her son that would enable her to go to school.

The Client Goal Management service was introduced to Afreen –  an initiative that allowed her to commit and work with the support of a Facilitator to ensure that her targeted goals were achieved. She was consistent and faithful throughout the process.

Afreen enrolled in an esthetic program and was constantly encouraged and supported by the Family Resource Centre team as well as other young mothers that she had met there. Her success and progress tremendously restored her self-esteem and confidence. She is more determined than ever before – focused, stable and determined to open her own spa one day soon.

As a way of showing her gratitude, Afreen now gives free manicures to women at the WINS Family Resource Centre who are going through difficult issues in life. She is an inspiration to other women and a testament that hard work pays off.

Afreen came to us a young scared woman, and she has become strong, independent, and driven. We are so proud of her.

In Afreen’s words: “You have made my sun set again by what you do. You turned the darkest part of my life into day and added many colours to my life. No on is worth giving up on! Thank you for believing in me!”

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