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Jeanny’s Story

Jeanny spent over five years applying for immigration to Canada from Vietnam. She knew Canada would offer her and her husband greater opportunities for work, education and prosperity. While still in Vietnam, Jeanny had a son and her resolve to immigrate to Canada became even stronger, as she wanted to ensure that he had all the choices, freedoms and opportunities that Canada offers.

When she finally arrived in Calgary, Jeanny was connected with Calgary Immigrant Women`s Association (CIWA) and learned about their employment skills program. She studied English, passed her English proficiency test and applied for Administrative Assistant training. Through CIWA`s partnership with WINS, Jeanny received a placement as an administrative assistant with WINS for a 10-week term.

Through this placement, Jeanny`s proficiency, work ethic and sweet personality shone through and as a result was offered full-time, paid employment with WINS.

Jeanny is thrilled to be working at WINS where she says that she loves the friendly environment and being able to help the organization that helped her. With a steady income, Jeanny and her husband felt like they could finally settle down. They had another baby and are planting roots in Calgary with family and friends. Jeanny says that because of WINS and the partnership with CIWA she is happy, providing for her family and knowing that her children will be safe, secure and able to achieve their dreams in Canada. When asked about her experience with WINS and CIWA, Jeanny`s eyes fill up with tears – she is so grateful for the opportunity to live her life here in Calgary and be given so many opportunities.

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